Winning 12.16 & 12.17

First off I want apologize to all my fans and followers for not posting them FREE PICKS. I had to get mines I hope you guys were able to cash in too. Yesterday I gave you guys an easy 3 team parlay and I posted my winning ticket below and today I had to get them again as you can see.

So far my profit is just about $1000 not bad right. I plan for this success to continue and as I stated before make sure you use the casino money. I will continue to share my picks and my betting info.
I received my first donation yesterday and it was a GREAT feeling to know that I am helping someone get ahead and by the donation amount I gotta say he must be doing really well off my picks.

Free Picks 12.16.14

It’s about that time, so here it is… My boy told me to go with Detroit Red wings, Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadians. Now I don’t know much about hockey yet I did check the records of these teams and it looks good and everyone he told me to take is at home so that is a double bonus.

Detroit Red Wings
Chicago Blackhawks
Montreal Canadians

Now PopePicks is running with:

Oklahoma St. 1st half
Dallas Mavericks 1st half
Oklahoma City Thunder 1st half

Let’s get paid. Thanks for visiting PopePicks!!! Enjoy

Radio Show Days

Three men with a DREAM and VISION. The show was real, we had good times. We would meet like 30 minutes before the show and go over what we were going to talk about. We were all over the place with information and talking shit. I wish my boys the BEST, don’t trip I plan one day to bring it back for 6 months. Here is an old clip of our show.

Free Picks Info

I’m giving you free picks and most of them will be posted an hour or two hours before the game start time. I gotta do my research and make sure I’m giving out them winners, the more winners I give out the more profit we make. I’ll take any donation, don’t be cheap. Also please post some of your winners on website or leave comments. Thanks

The Pope

Free Pick

Today I’m looking at Portland Trail Blazers vs San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers vs Charlotte Hornets.

The Spurs will be without Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tiago Splitter.

1. Portland 1st half – 4.5

2. Cavaliers 1st half -6



I have a friend who bets $500 per 5 team parlay. Do you think that is smart, the profit of a hit is good yet how often do you think he wins?

Then I got a buddy who started out the football season with $2000 and was only going to do straight bets on the NFL? How do you think he’s doing so far with year with best odds against the spread being 9-4 with the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts leading the way.

The average person I know does parlay bets and its about 3-4 teams per ticket, yet I’m seeing and hearing more people are doing 6-8 teams.

I feel if you sent a goal for what you want to make and bet accordingly to your goal then winning becomes a lot easier. Think about it and post your comments and let me know what you think.

Hello Betting World!!!


I’m here to make money just like you. Sports betting isn’t rocker science, you don’t have to count cards, just have to make the right picks, its a 50/50 chance. You would think that would be easy right, well it is. Most bettors go after the large and big reward only to lose. Give yourself a weekly budget, then follow that up with a daily or per ticket limit. Gamble within your means don’t get overwhelm and greedy when you do start winning, stay within the same guidelines above and you’ll always be a WINNER!!! Remember the adjust of sports betting or any type of gambling is to gamble or bet with the CASINO MONEY!!!!!!