NBA Picks

If my college picks don’t come thru I’m going to go with the Rockets and Cavs and even my college picks do come thru I”m going to double up with them for my night games.

Time to Rebound 1.31.15

Here are my picks for 1.31.15 Lets end the month on a positive to start FEBRUARY as WINNERS..

Here are my picks:

Wisconsin 1st Half
Villanova 1st Half
Valparaiso 1st Half

Then I’m going to put in this 8 team parlay for $10

Notre Dame
Wisconsin ML
Evansville ML
W. Kentucky ML
UC Irvine ML

I think I’m going to put in a total of 3 tickets tomorrow, so let’s see what happens.

Losing Ticket

Today I was not able to post my picks but I went 7-1 on my 8 team parlay. Here is a copy of my losing ticket for today. I will get them tomorrow, my goal for this month is to make $10,000 and I’m moving towards that goal and this ticket would of put me very close and gave me more options as far as how much to put on tickets. I will give you some winners tomorrow. Sad part GA. State was up by 5 with :38 seconds to go and someone hit a 3 with :3 seconds left on the clock. WTF

Losing Ticket


Man I have to say I haven’t been that active on my site, life has been busy. Couple days ago I went 3-2 with the Rockets losing to Magic and Harvard losing in overtime. I guess the Rockets took the night off to prepare for Westbrook and Durant because they won hands down.

I know a couple of people who season didn’t turn out as well as planned because of the football season and many of them lost all their winnings on Oregon against Ohio St.

Today 1.16.2015 I am looking to hit a 6 team parlay, the teams I like are: (3 NBA / 1 Hockey / 2 College Basketball)

New Orleans
Chicago ML
Memphis ML
Fairfield ML

I wish you guys luck!!! Till Tomorrow

Yesterday / Today Picks

Yesterday was a nightmare for all gamblers who were betting on College Basketball. I have to say I missed out on two different parlay tickets because of Golden State first half and on my other ticket the Spurs over. I believe Golden State was tied and the Spurs missed it by 1 point.

Duke lost for the 2nd time and it was back to back loses.

Today I like Atlanta -6, Memphis ML, and Houston ML (all NBA); you can even say Dallas ML yet Denver really depends on what Denver team shows up. So that’s a 50/50 bet that I’m not willing to take today.

College Basketball I like Notre Dame ML, Harvard should be a nice bet last year they made me a lot of money. This year they look good as well.

Today in the world Betting

Today was a shitty day for me Indiana didn’t show up to play against Michigan St. it was a blowout. Yet I’m looking forward to Wednesday, should be a wonderful payday for us all, an early paycheck.

I’ll be out of town so I’m going to have to put my tickets in early, yet I will post who I’m going with. I thinking about some 2 team parlays and I know I can hit maybe a 6 or 7 parlay as well.

I am going to provide you some wonderful picks so make sure you follow. The only problem is my flight leaves at 6 am so I hope they have the overnight odds out so I can get it in before I leave.


Dallas, Memphis, Chicago and Golden State all over out of 11 NBA Games and as far as the NCAA goes I don’t think that many teams covered as well.

Goodnight my People

Free Picks

I gotta say it has been very busy for me lately and I haven’t had the time to post. I am running with Dallas 1st half or you can even take them money line or with the point spread to win against Brooklyn today.
Then I’m looking at Indiana (CBB) plus the points for the 1st half and game, Michigan St. hasn’t been good at all this year.

So for me it’s

Dallas 1st half
Indiana 1st half



Enjoy… PopePicks

Happy Holiday’s

Been on vacation without computer access, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have been enjoying the Holiday’s as much as I have. Tomorrow is a big day in betting and there will be a lot of money to be made. What I’m currently looking at are all money line bets of the following teams:

Green Bay
New Orleans
New England

Just a thought at this moment yet I feel out of the 6 of them are winners, the only team I have in question is Cincinnati yet over the past two weeks they are playing some of their best football yet.